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Materials Offered

PLA Filament

PLA stands for Polylactic Acid. It is an easy to use, recyclable, and natural thermoplastic. Made from resources like corn starch and sugar cane, the filament is biodegradable with high mechanical strength and heat capacity. Be careful around high humidity and heavy water environments as PLA that has absorbed moisture in the air becomes brittle and prone to breaking.

Colors Available:

Purple, Gold, White, Gray, Yellow, Blue, Mint Green, Black

Nylon Filament

Ideal for hard-wearing applications due to being tougher than PLA, more resistant to chemicals, abrasion & impact resistance, has excellent toughness. However it has low strength and stiffness and needs to be printed in a dry heated environment as it has a tendency to pick up moisture quickly.

Colors Available:


TPE Filament

TPE standing for Thermoplastic Elastomer is a rubber with both thermoplastic and elastomer properties. Perfect for applications that require some stretch and bend such as dampners, handles, bumpers, etc.

TPE has high heat resistance and flexibility, while being impact-resistant. However is has low strength.

Colors Available:

Black, White

Photopolymer Standard Resin

Standard resin is great for prototypes and mechanical assemblies as printed parts are sturdy and impact-resistant. They are rigid and do not bend well but have low shrinkage during the printing process. They are typically fast curing making them great for speedy builds

Colors Available:

Gray, Orange, Transparent

Nylon-Like Photopolyner Resin

Stronger and tougher than standard resin, this material is great for high-precision and/or flexible functional parts. This material has very good toughness and is not brittle. Nylon-like resin is durable with good aging properties

Colors Available:


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