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The Full Story

littleLot was founded from the passion of a young engineer as a way to grow the additive manufacturing industry.


Our goal is to introduce 3D printing or additive manufacturing (AM) to the next generation as a useful manufacturing tool and help small businesses and entrepreneurs with questions. Offering assistance for the of building brands with AM.

We aim to be a stop for small volume production to assist those starting out build a strong foundation of providing 3D printed parts/components, art, etc. to consumers.


Through our products, videos, and podcasts we hope to inspire the imagination of all ages and backgrounds to never stop innovating.

We promise to share our tips, tricks, and experiences to promote the growth of 3D printing across all fields. 

Our Team.

Our founder Kate Schneidau-Ashby was first introduced to 3D printing or Additive Manufacturing while in engineering school. One of her earlier passions of 3D printing is the collaboration and education of 3D printing on the community and industry scale.

Our extended team of collaborators and volunteers is comprised of those who share the same passion for collaboration and endless learning and come from many different backgrounds.


Kate Schneidau-Ashby

Founder & Chief Everything Officer

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"My experiences have only strengthened my passion for Additive Manufacturing. I have an endless supply of ideas and 3D printing (Additive Manufacturing) is the best tool for me to share them"


Cincinnati, OH



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Our Mission.

Contribute to the growth of Additive Manufacturing by teaching and sharing stories and experiences with others.

Through our podcasts, product stories, STEAM curriculum and work with local community members we can promote AM as a valuable tool and start building the workforce of tomorrow!

Our Vision.

Sharing the story of each product demonstrates problem solving skills and showcasing the toolbox mentality the 3d printing should always have.

Small quantity production opportunities allow small business and consumer to mitigate risk and time in upkeeping their own equipment as they build the foundation of their 3D printing endeavors.

STEAM based curriculum projects utilizing 3d printing capabilities for a K-12+ schools will introduce 3D printing problem solving and innovation to kids of all ages!

Growing our printer fleet to one day cover entry level to industrial and provide insight to using industry tools. Through a space like this we can help expose and train the workforce of tomorrow and teach the skills to innovate endlessly.

Baby Playing with Building Blocks
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