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The Full Story


littleLot was founded as a way to grow additive manufacturing. Our goal is to introduce 3D printing to the next generation as a useful manufacturing tool. Through our blog and videos we hope to inspire the imagination of all ages and backgrounds to never stop innovating. We promise to share our tips, tricks, and experiences to promote the growth of 3D printing across all fields. 

Our founder Kate Schneidau was first introduced to 3D printing or Additive Manufacturing while in engineering school at the University of Louisville. From there she started another company with a couple of her classmates. After graduating with her bachelor's and master's degrees in mechanical engineering she entered the workplace as an Additive Manufacturing Process Engineer. One of her earlier passions of 3D printing is the collaboration and education of 3D printing on the community scale. 

Our Mission

Contribute to the growth of Additive Manufacturing by teaching and sharing stories and experiences with others. Through our blog and outreach programs with local communities we can work together to promote AM and start developing the workforce of tomorrow!

Our Vision

By starting with products to sell that are 3D printed, interest in designing and printing custom parts consumers can imagine. The custom projects and working with an Additive Manufacturing Engineer will hopefully facilitate growth of users in AM.

Our STEM based curriculum projects are designed to help bring 3D printing to K-12 schools and introduce 3D printing to kids of all ages!

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